Does my domain already have an SPF record? What is it? Is it valid?

This tool retrieves SPF records both of type TXT and type SPF for the specified domain name and determines if the record is valid. First it does a query for the DNS records (TXT and SPF) and displays thos results. Then it calls the pySPF SPF record retreival function (dns_spf) and reports the results. This includes a specific test to see if the TXT and SPF records are identical.

Finally, it does a live SPF check of a message from the provided domain receive from IP (a random non-routable IP number that I picked). If the record ends in 'all', then the tool knows the expected result if nothing matches. If the actual result matches the expected result, it gives 'SPF record passed validation test with pySPF (Python SPF library)' message. If there is an error, the error and the explanation returned by pySPF (if any) is displayed. If the record has a redirect, this is mentioned and then the result and the tutorial returned from the redirected record is displayed. It's left to the user to determine if this is the expected result. If the record ends in anything else (e.g. exp), then a similar process is followed.

For complex records you may not get the result the tool expects, and so based on, you will have to decide if you got the result you expected. All macros should work with this tool. Receiver is the hostname of the server hosting the tool (currently

Is this SPF record valid - syntactically correct?

Tests the supplied SPF record to see if it is valid.

To Do - Explain how this works

Notes: Do not enclose in quotes. Input something like v=spf1 a mx ~all.
Does not currently support records that include macros.

Test an SPF record

To Do - Explain how this works

To check an incoming mail request, fill out IP address from which the mail was received and the Mail From address. If you want to test a record that's not published, paste it into the SPF record field. If you don't know what to put in for HELO, just leave it blank.

Does not currently support user input of records that include macros.

Still under development.

For more information on SPF, see the SPF web site.
For information on the programs used by this tool, click here.
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