Python Based SPF Record Testing Tools

Uses the Python SPF library developed by Terrence Way and Stuart Gathman (BMSi).
Available from the Pymilter project on
Any errors should be reported to the e-mail address below, not to the original authors.

Note, below are all pretty much quick and dirty scripts that are mostly just ways to call the Python SPF library. On the off chance they are useful, and just on general principles, here they are. They are all Open Patent™ programs and may all be redistributed, reused, or modified on the same terms as Python itself.

The files are in a single tarball, here. The does my site have an SPF record script is called, the is my SPF record valid script is called, and the test my SPF record script is called The copy of pyspf used on the validator is included in the tarball. It will generally vary slightly from the released versions.

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